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The Advantages of Ford Certified Pre Owned

What is Certified Pre Owned

Basically the certification of a used vehicle is a certification given by a guarantee company that states that the vehicle is in good condition and does not experience significant problems. This means that pre-owned cars have undergone rigorous checks and have been better refurbished and given certificates by dealers or certification authorities that provide pre-owned vehicles. A car with a pre owned is different from other used cars, a car with a preowned certificate has a longer warranty, is given special financing and various other advantages that can provide satisfaction to the customer.

Cars with pre owned certificates have been carried out since time immemorial by various leading vehicle brands. In certified pre owned cars sold officially by the dealer, the car has been checked by the employees of the dealers regarding the feasibility of using the car. On CPO (Certified Pre Owned) cars that are certified by other certification authorities, they use the services of other parties to check the car and usually they also provide a longer guarantee for preowned cars.

In general, a vehicle with a certified pre owned has better advantages, including that you will get a vehicle with a thorough check so that the car still has better conditions compared to a used car without certification, then you will also benefit from a warranty for a better car. the length of the new car. Pre owned cars can also get free maintenance that is carried out by the dealer. Another chance you can get is that some dealers also rent cars to buyers as an alternative. The many benefits provided by mobile pre owned are feasible to have because the specifications are still good and strict checking makes it possible to have.

Ford certified pre owned provides the opportunity to be able to have a pre owned vehicle with good quality and reliability. You will get many benefits with the offer given by Ford. Own Ford cars with the best quality they have. The following are the advantages given including:

  1. 172 Point Inspection for every vehicle given by Ford ranging from SUVs to Trucks has received a thorough inspection and guaranteed quality. Inspections carried out include hybrid systems, features provided, vehicle interior and exterior, road tests and other important parts.
  2. And comes with a 12-month / 12,000 miles limited warranty along with a comprehensive limited warranty 7 years / 100,000 miles. Comprehensive limited warranty covers engines, security systems, transmissions, breakers, electrical systems, air conditioning and heating, technology, emissions, audio and other important parts.
  3. There is a history of vehicle use where Ford vehicles for Ford certified pre owned are less than 6 years with no more than 80,000 miles.
  4. Supported with 24 hour roadside assistance which will support the car’s performance to be good wherever it is with the service provided 24 hours a day and 7 days a week which means you don’t need to worry anymore about the possibility of engine damage.
  5. Get a pre-owned car with a quality that is truly guaranteed because a certified pre-owned car is only traded at authorized dealers or Ford dealership franchises.
  6. No transfer fee will be charged later when the car is given to the new owner.
  7. Credit payment is available to facilitate buyers.
  8. Certified Pre-owned warranty is transferable.


Every pre owned car provided by Ford is of high quality. Ford only chose pre-owned cars that were in line with company standards, so that the cars available always had the best performance. Apart from that, the advantages provided by Ford pre owned cars have many advantages that are not only attractive, but also provide many uses for buyers. Buying a car with a certified pre owned will be easier with Ford. The quality provided makes it easy for buyers to get Ford cars with good specifications. Ford certified pre orders also provide some convenience in exchanging Ford cars including easy transfer fees to new owners and the opportunity for buyers to be able to do vehicle loans, so buyers can still have a car without having to pay in cash. Pre order cars have advantages in various fields that will provide extra driving comfort.