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How to Get the Best Price on Buying Cars for Sale by Dealer

It is safer to buy cars for sale by dealer. Going this way allows you to have much more peace of mind compared to buying used cars privately. The cars have been mechanically reconditioned and inspected by professionals. Besides, dealerships commonly offer some additional warranties. So, what should you prepare before buying used cars from dealers?

#1 Researching

Decide which type of car you want to buy. Also, check another option or alternatives and make a list out of it. Read the pros and cons of the car you are interested in on the internet. Online reviews are generally reliable when it comes to vehicles.

Make sure the car you want to buy fits your budget. Compare the price from one dealership to another and get the best offer available. You can check Craigslist and other similar sites to find the best price. Commonly, you can also find what you like at the best price simply by typing the car type on Google – i.e. “2014 Subaru Forester for sale”.

#2 Investigating

An investigation is essential before buying cars for sale by dealer. Find out the history of the car as well as the mileage. Check if the vehicle was involved in accidents. It is not necessarily bad as long as the vehicles have been properly fixed – this could be an excellent deal.

The good thing about purchasing used cars from dealerships is that you can check the Carfax report. Any information you need about the car can be found in that report. Other than that, you may need to check the maintenance history.

Since the dealership may do some reconditioning acts, make sure you find out anything about it. As we have mentioned earlier, the maintenance history and reconditioning report are commonly prepared by the dealership if you are dealing with a reputable one.

#3 Reputation and policies of the dealership

The good news is that you can check this aspect on Google. Check the online reviews on the internet. This means a lot when it comes to purchasing used cars from dealerships. Online reviews are relatively reliable after all.

Check the policies before sealing the deal with a certain dealership. Will you get a money-back guarantee? Generally, some dealers offer a 3-day money-back guarantee in case the vehicle seems not right for you. Some dealers also offer an exchange policy within a specified period. Meanwhile, if the dealership doesn’t offer one of those policies then you better check the other that offers.


#4 Certificate

The Certified Used Vehicle that comes with a used car is a plus value. Fortunately, many dealerships offer this kind of thing directly through the manufacturer. At some point, you may need to pay extra cash to get the certificate. However, it is a worthy thing with a bunch of benefits. A few of the benefits include a lower interest rate for financing, better protection with an extended warranty, and a comprehensive reconditioning program.

#5 Financing

It is important to determine your budget before starting window shopping. Once you have found a vehicle you like, make sure it won’t burden your budget. Fortunately, today you can use an online calculator to calculate the approximate monthly payment you need to prepare for the vehicle.

Don’t skip the sales tax and the down payment as well. For interest rates, you will find that the newer vehicles have a better interest rate. Also, it depends on your credit score. If you purchase a car with a Certified Used Vehicle, you will get a lower rate.

#6 Test Driving

Buying a car – especially a used one – may require extra awareness. You need to perform the test drive and inspect the car once more. Before doing this, make sure you call or email the dealership to make an appointment. This will prevent you from wasting your car due to the car having been sold.

This part is essential when it comes to buying used cars both from dealerships and privately. This is also the perfect time to run a physical inspection. Check if the car has been cleaned properly. For us, doing some touch-ups and repairing a few dents are better than repairing mechanical issues. Use your best judgment before buying cars for sale by dealer.