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Benefits You Can Get from a Mazda Certified Pre Owned

What You Need To Know About Certified Pre Owned

Certified Pre Owned has long been run by many car companies to provide pre-owned cars with good quality. Cars with a Certified Pre Owned are different from other cars, especially in terms of quality. The quality provided by cars with Certified Pre Owned is better and guaranteed. In a car with a Certified Pre Owned that has undergone a more secure inspection and renewal, then this car is also certified by the manufacturer or other certification authority. With quality that is qualified to get a pre owned car more easily with guaranteed quality.

Furthermore, variations on certified pre owned cars are also different. Authorized dealers usually only sell CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) factories. In this vehicle the price given is higher because of the quality provided by checking from an expert. In CPO cars that are certified by an independent authority, in terms of prices are lower than factory quality CPO cars, but the price can be much higher than used cars that do not have certificates. Usually they use a third party to ensure the feasibility of the car to help consumers get good quality cars.

For this reason, consumers need to determine which CPO they will choose. Quality is a definite thing that must be prioritized by consumers. They must understand good quality pre-used cars. Doing research can help you to get a lot of information related to the highest quality certified pre owned cars.

To help you get a pre-owned car of the highest quality and with a certain guarantee, Mazda certified pre owned is the right choice to get a good pre-owned car with the same quality as a new car. Good specifications with a guarantee of support make Mazda suitable as a car with a certified pre owned that can be relied upon. To be more convincing there, Mazda provides several advantages with a certified pre-owned. Some of the advantages you can get:

12-Month / 12,000-Mile Additional Limited guarantee

Mazda provides a good guarantee for every pre-owned car issued. This guarantee can protect consumers from a variety of possible damage. Mazda provides guarantees for each pre-owned car by providing a vehicle warranty for 3 years. In addition, guarantees for 12 months to 12,000 miles provide better protection without deducting from the repairs that are covered. On Madza CPO cars that are not covered again in 12 months, the limited CPO vehicle guarantee starts in effect at the time of purchase. And please also note that Madza only sells cars less than six years old with less than 80,000 miles. The existence of this guarantee proves that a good quality car is preferred by Madza.

Very detailed checking

Madza also always provides an optimal check on every CPO car offered. The quality of a car that is guaranteed is always maintained by Madza. Some important parts that are checked include the exterior and interior of the car, then switch to A / C & heating, checking the engine is also an important thing to do to ensure the engine runs properly, brakes and transmission.


Has an automatic vehicle history report

Another advantage that is owned by Mazda certified pre owned is the existence of historical reports that can be checked automatically allowing consumers to know more clearly related to a pre-owned Mazda certified car that is complete to ensure the car has good quality.

Providing 3-Month SIRIUSXM Satellite Radio Trial

Providing entertainment content by having more than 150 channels with various types of music, and various other interesting content such as news, sports reports to comedy. Not only that, there is also the ability to stream online which is available on a free application.

Offers 24 hour roadside assistance

Buyers will be offered attractive offers with protection 24 hours a day 7 days a week by the 24-hour Emergency Assistance Program, which is available free of charge. Services provided range from lockout assistance, assisted to find the closest dealer, flat tire changes to gas delivery to the buyer. 7-year / 100,000-Mile powertrain warranty from the original in service date.

Get good transfer benefits

If you want to exchange a Mazda car, of course your car will still be attractive to potential new buyers. Mazda Cars will be equipped with Mazda Certified Pre-Owned Limited Vehicles with a Limited Powertrain Guarantee at no cost to the new owner. That is why Mazda Certified Pre Owned is a good choice for you.