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Which One is The Best – Private Sellers or Car Dealers?

Finding places to buy a used car is easy. Just use the online tool, and you get a list of the best used cars near me. The problem comes after this. In the list, you will find the car dealer and private seller that offer the used car you are looking for. Which one is the best option to get the best used cars? Below, we will help you to consider the best option to buy used cars.

Car’s History

The first and most important thing to consider when you buy a used car is its history. You can find out many things from that car’s history. That way comparing the prices the seller offered is much easier.

Now, between a private seller and a car dealer, if it is about vehicle history, a private seller is the best choice. The car they sell is theirs. They used it before, so they know ins and outs of the car. The used car dealer mostly only receives a car from the other car owners. And, we never know that they have detailed information for that car. So, the best choice here is a private seller, of course, the one you can trust.

Financing Option

Even though used cars are cheaper, using the financing option is not wrong at all. That means you can save more money. Unfortunately, a private seller doesn’t have too many financing options. You may bargain the price, but that’s all.

On the other hand, car dealers have the bank as the backup. They even provide special financing plans from that bank. It helps you to purchase much easier with your budget. You can even get more benefits, if you are the customer of the bank. You will get more privilege to finance your used car buying option. So, speaking about saving more money or easier payment, a car dealer is the choice here.


When you try to find best used cars near me, you also need to do some research about sales tax in your area. Some states obligate the sales tax for used cars purchase that uses the price difference between the original and the used price. If the states where you live apply this law, you can choose the car dealer. They have a fixed price for their product, so you can easily know how much sales tax you need to pay.

However, if your state doesn’t apply the sales tax for private sellers’ transactions, choose this seller. It is easy to do and find. So, do that before you start to find the used car seller in your area.


The Prices

Who doesn’t want to get a lower price for the vehicle they want to buy? So, which one is a good choice, between a private seller and car dealers regarding this matter? The answer is the private sellers. Why? Mostly, car dealers sell their product, including used cars, with one purpose. It is to get profit from the transaction. Therefore, it is difficult to get a lower price from the car dealer. They will keep the price, so they get the profit.

On the other hand, private sellers, mostly, sell their car, so they can buy the new one. In many cases, they never thought about making a profit from it. They just want to sell it to get extra bucks for a new vehicle. Furthermore, you also can have more free transactions with them. Getting close and even making the private seller your friend also helps you to bargain and get a lower price.


Car dealers always try to keep a good reputation. Therefore, they won’t sell any defective product with many flaws. Otherwise, they will lose more customers. On the other hand, a private seller doesn’t have that kind of need. So, there is a big chance, especially if you buy from the wrong person, you will get a bad product.


Every option has many risks you need to face. However, if we have to choose, the car dealer is the best. The risk you need to face, especially regarding the flawed product and legality, is lower than the private seller. You may need to face a complicated process to buy it. You also spend more budgets. But, if you can get the best used cars near me, it is a better choice.