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Guide for Used Cars with Best Value You Can Find on the Market

A used car is a good buying alternative for a low budgeter. It still has the performance. More importantly, you get it at much lower prices than the original price when it was released. Similar to other products, finding the best used cars for sale is necessary. So, you won’t lose anything when you spend your money on it. To find the best used cars, here are things you need to do.

How to Find the Best Used Cars

The basics of finding the best used car is considering these three things.

–        Seller

Whether it is a dealer or private seller, the first thing you need to find is the trusted one. The car dealers are much easier to confirm. Read the review or its customer testimonial. You will get enough information to see its reputation. Private sellers, however, need thorough research. Meet the seller directly, check the product, and you can find out whether you should buy from them. In short, a trusted seller is the best way to find the best used cars.

–        Car’s History

It would be difficult to find information about it without checking the car directly. The seller could lie to you and only show the good things about the car. But, find the car’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Mostly, it is printed on the dashboard on the driver side. Then, use the VIN checker on the internet to find everything about that car. It includes the accident history, the type of car, and more.

–        Prices

Once you find the information about the car through VIN, next is looking for its price offered to you. The condition of the car must match the price. So, if you find its price is reasonable, you have found the best used cars that you are looking for. You may need to do some research first to know the original price of that car, as well as the used car price.


The Best Used Cars You Can Buy

Now, you know how to find the best used cars for sale. You can go and find the cars that match the criteria from the local car dealer, seller, or the internet. However, if you have no time to do that, here we have several recommendations you can try.

–        Hyundai Sonata

This car maybe is the used car with the best value. Its original released price is around $22,500. However, you can get the three-years-old Sonata with just $10,000, or maybe even cheaper. Furthermore, Hyundai has a five-year 60,000 miles warranty for this car. Assuming that the previous owner of this car uses it in normal usage, you will have enough miles to cover your car for two years. So, you can practically save a lot with this car.

–        Kia Rio

If you are looking for a hatchback type car, Kia Rio is the best choice. Compared to the compact SUV type, it is much cheaper. Kia Rio was released on the market with a price of around $15,000. So, the used one will be around $6,000 or even lower. Furthermore, the demand for the hatchback or compact car like this is lower, these days. People love the crossover SUV type. It lowers the price for a hatchback. Moreover, Kia Rio also has many features that make it become a utility and sport type car.

–        Ford Focus Electric

How about domestic cars? If you need it, we recommend Ford Focus Electric. It is a perfect city car. You can get a new 2016 Ford Focus Electric at $14,000 and lower. So, the used car will be much cheaper than that. Furthermore, most of the Ford Focus Electric owners don’t use this car a lot. It is not surprising if you only find the less than 100 miles range condition for a used one. If you are looking for comfortable and best value transportation inside the city, this car is your choice.


Finding and buying the best used cars for sale is not difficult. Once you understand what kind of specification and condition you are looking for, you can easily pinpoint out the used car you need. The best of all, you won’t only get the best car here. You also save more budgets.